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Farewell to a friend

I have been very lucky in my life in so many ways; until now one of those has been that I have never lost a friend to accident or illness. 31 years is a very long time to have enjoyed such luck and I am so grateful for it.

I am very sad to say farewell to my friend Heather. I have known her for five years, which means we shared the journeys of her youngest child’s infancy and the births of my two boys. She had so many qualities I admired and aspire to; level headed logic, sensible and sensitive parenting techniques and enormous capacity for love. Long before I had to admire her strength in adversity I enjoyed her wit and intelligence.

My heart is breaking for Heather’s family, who had only just recovered from the strain of her son’s illness. She has three beautiful children who will never have the joy of her adult companionship and who will ache for her loving arms. She left behind a strong wonderful man whom she loved fiercely. I am so sad for them.

I will miss Heather very much. I missed her often when real life called her away from her “imaginary friends” (as her husband called us), and was always so happy to “see” her again; it’s hard to believe that won’t happen now.

Heather’s faith was a defining element of her beautiful persona. I trust that she is now in the care of the God she so eloquently believed in.

Eternal rest unto her grant, and let perpetual light shine upon her.


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